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Fremont Open Plan maintains a strong, interested parent community who have organized themselves into the Parent Advisory Group. PAG is primarily responsible for the school’s support system. The many programs, volunteers, materials, field trips and a host of other educational opportunities are directly and indirectly supported by PAG through its many active communities.

PAG meets once per month at 6:00 pm in Fremont School’s library. All FOP parents are encouraged to attend. You can contact all of the committee members by emailing

2022/23 PAG Executive Committee Members

Amy Sensney


Ann Griffith




2022/23 Head Teacher

Levi Hanzel-Sello

Fund Drive Contribution

Make your annual Fund Drive contribution online


Parent participation on committees is what makes all our great activities possible at FOP! Please volunteer! Contact either the PAG Chair or Vice Chair.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Kate Trompetter

Erica Flaherty

Support and encourage ongoing learning about ways in which our community can lift up inclusivity, and fairness, and promote diverse representation and experiences on campus and beyond. Our work is to create partnerships and opportunities throughout the FOP community to learn and grow together in service to the FOP mission. We do that through learning circles, book reads, events, and other kinds of ongoing support for teachers and all others in our FOP community. 


Jessie Klinker

Lead Liaisons work with the teachers to do upkeep on our beautiful gardens.  Also, need support to maintain corporate sponsorships, mowing the lawn in front of Teacher Sarah's classroom and painting benches and tables.  Time commitment can be around 2-3 hours per month. 

Marketing & Social Media

Lauren Morris

Develops marketing, community outreach and social media strategies to educate potential families about FOP. Time commitment: 1 hr/week.

Parent Education

Betty Gay

Description is a work in progress.

6th Grade Farewell Ceremony

Committee Chair NEEDED

Team: Shayna Clark and Rachel West  

Works with Upper Department teachers to organize this event which is on the last day of school.  Helps to buy decorations and food.  Upper Department classrooms are decorated the day before the event and food is purchased on the day of the event.  This is coordinated by 5th grade parents.  Time commitment is around 5-10 hours. 

Spring Production

Melissa Battle

Coordinate and promote a bi-annual musical or dramatic production.  Develop theme, script and set design. Schedule and conduct rehearsals as needed.  Time commitment is from February- May.  Support:  Support the lead as needed with rehearsals, prop making and costume sewing.  Time commitment is approximately 2-3 hours per week during the months of production.


Shy Lloyd

Organize social events such as the Welcome Back Picnic and the Farewell Picnic for FOP families to interact and build the FOP community.  Time commitment for lead is approximately 20 hours.  Time commitment for support is around 5-10 hours per school year.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Esther Riggs

Join together with the Fremont School PTO and organize a lunch party for all Fremont teachers.  Organize catering, buy decorations for staff room and deliver the meal to the teachers on the day of the event.  Time commitment is in May for 6 hours.


Vanessa Vovk

Megan Devlin

Schedule and lead site tours for prospective families.  Participate in local Kindergarten information events.  Time Commitment is December- February for a total of 20-25.


Betty Gay

Megan Parravano

Maintain and update the website as necessary.  Collaborate with teachers, PAG Executive Committee and other committees.  Time Commitment: 1 hour a month.

Bulletin Boards


Keep up FOP bulletin board in our school hallway with phots from field trips, events and student artwork.  Time commitment is around 10-15 hours per school year.

Celebration of Lights

Sondra Lewis

Organize participation in the City of Modesto's Celebration of Lights parade in December.  This committee will build a float and participate in the parade.  Lots of help is needed to build the float, usually the day before the event.  Time commitment for leads is? 


Laurie McKinnie

Compile and create an annual directory of FOP families at the beginning of every school year. Use class lists to verify previous year's contact information and to add new families.  Time Commitment is 25 hours.

Remind Texts

Andrea Doud

Sends out information via the Remind application to FOP families.


Erica Flaherty

Oversee PAG Executive committee elections by seeking nominations from the general membership.  Election process starts in February and concludes in April.  Time Commitment is approximately 8 hours per school year.


Danielle Lawrence

Assist the PAG treasurer to help promote and collect our Open Plan fund drive.  Time Commitment is around 10-15 hours throughout the school year. 

FOP Biennial Fundraiser

NEEDED (We’ll start a planning committee in January.) 

Event Director- Organize a school wide fundraiser, every other year, to raise funds for a specific need within FOP.  Create event night theme and establish and collaborate with all crew leads.  Crew leads- obtain permits, graphic design, ad sales/event program, printing, decorations, photo booth, food, beverage and dessert coordinators, entertainment, ticket sales, silent auction, outside donation solicitations, cashiers and clean up. Time Commitment 2-3 hours per day for 3-4 months.  Event is usually in March.


Katie Skujins

Sarah Ford 

Organize and process two fundraisers per year.  FOP families can use the money that they make to go towards paying for their fund drive. Collaborates with the PAG Treasurer.  Time Commitment is setting up one fundraiser in the fall and one in the spring or both in the fall for a total of 15 hours per school year.


Tony Carleo

Upkeep FOP grounds like the stage, backpack hooks, sprinkler system etc.  The lead needs to communicate with teachers and look for projects that need updated.  Time commitment is around 20 hours per school year.

Memory Books

Upper: Priya Mishra 

Middle: Sarah Ford 

Primary: Tess Hoogewerth 

Kinder: Elizabeth North & Cyndel McDowell 

Leads- Collaborate with teachers to coordinate, promote and create an annual department memory book. Collect and organize photos, do the book layout and set up printing.  Teachers will collect student work.  Time Commitment is 3-4 hours per month.  

Memory Book Photographers


Share your photos from field trips and school events with your department memory book chair. We are all part of this team! 

Memory Book Support


Help put the books together and assist the lead as needed. Time Commitment is 5-10 hours the last 1-2 weeks of school.

Mini Courses

Emily Malsam

Plan a half day mini course for our FOP students.  Solicit parents to run the courses, place students in the course and make room arrangements.  Time Commitment is 15-20 for lead and 4-6 for support in either April or May.



Perform at the annual Peace Assembly and Theater Production as needed.  Time commitment is 5-10 hours per year.


Rachel West

Promote and coordinate sales of Open Plan logo t-shirts and other items.  Time commitment is 15+ hours, twice a 

Tie-Dye Newsletter

Dana Koster

Produce our weekly Tie-Dye newsletter for the Tuesday folder that outlines upcoming events, important dates and information.  This information is collected from teachers and parents for publication.  Time Commitment is 2 hours per week.

Fall Walk

Jessica Elkins

Mita Garcia

Rebecca Martino

Fall Walk Committee is responsible for planning the Fall Walk, which is a school wide field trip held in the Fall of each year. Planning for the event begins in the Spring of the previous school year. The committee is responsible for selecting a location and date as well as providing learning stations. This may involve reaching out to members of the community as well as past or present FOP parents. In addition, the committee is responsible for implementation and organization of all plans the day of the event. 


Andrea Doud

Recognize FOP families and staff in times of illness and sorrow.  Mail cards and provide small gestures like cooking a meal or delivering flowers.  Time commitment is year round and number of hours depends from year to year.  Usually no more than 10 hours per year.

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