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Immersive, out of classroom learning is a major component of how students learn at Fremont Open Plan.  Parents, teachers, staff and students come together to see real-world applications of their thematic learnings and to form a tight community.

Fall Walk

This annual event is planned by a parent committee and involves all grade levels, teachers and students' families, too. The event takes place outdoors at a nearby park or recreation area where students learn about the outdoors based around the theme for the year. After cross-age buddies are determined, this is the first outing of the year with younger and older buddy pairs.


Open Plan has been conducting Mini Courses since its inception. Mini Courses are classroom and community enrichment opportunities which utilize parent talent and community resources to make this a valuable day of learning. Students select their own Mini Courses. This enables them to work in a diverse group, interacting with students, teachers, parents, extended family members and friends. We are proud to offer Mini Courses at least once during the school year. They foster a sense of community and belonging in our program. Watch for notices home about this exciting day and set aside your time to volunteer to teach your favorite craft, drive on a field trip or assist another instructor.

Genre Days

Each year a genre, or theme, is picked for the year and 4 special days are set aside for students to learn through more in-depth  activities on that topic. Past years' genres include: Music, Art, and Learning About Disabilities.

Peace Assembly

Each year before winter break all students gather to participate in the annual Peace Assembly. This special event features students in all grade levels singing special songs of peace and kindness that embody the spirit of Fremont Open Plan. Parents are invited to sing along with students on songs of special importance, including the Fremont Open Plan Song and This Land Was Made For you And Me. 

Play / Musical

Every two years, a parent committee is formed to write, coordinate and stage a school-wide play. All students who wish to showcase their talents are able to participate. Parents also share their talents by helping to create props, costumes, arrange music and direct the students in this one of a kind event.

Biennial Fundraiser

Every two years, a parent committee is formed to plan, coordinate, and execute an adult-only fundraising event.  This event falls on each even-numbered year and typically includes dinner, drinks, and a silent and live auction.

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