FREMONT OPEN PLAN Parent Advisory Group

Office number: (209) 574-8122   |   1220 W. Orangeburg Avenue   |   Modesto, CA 95350   |

Stop in and sign up for a tour   Jan. 13 to Jan. 31  

Fremont Elementary, 1220 W. Orangeburg Ave. Modesto, CA 95350, Mon-Fri, 8am - 4pm

Collaborative Public Education Program for K-6th!

Enrollment Procedures 

Exact dates for enrollment steps vary from year to year. Dates for the 2020-21 school year are listed below.

Exact dates for mandatory meetings available in the Fremont School Office when filling out interest form.


Fill out student interest card in Fremont Elementary office



January 13 - January 31, 2019


Attend 3 mandatory
meetings in February


1. Guided tour

2. Parent Education meeting

3. PAG meeting




End of Feb

Welcome to Fremont Open Plan! When we chose Open Plan 14 years ago, we didn’t do it lightly. Choosing the educational path for my oldest daughter and her younger siblings was a monumental decision. We considered other public, private, and even charter schools prior to deciding that Open Plan was right for our family. Being a psychologist, the emphasis on the “whole-child” really resonated with me. Students are more than just academics or test scores. While these data points give us information, the key to success is completely dependent upon social and emotional health. Open Plan embodies this philosophy and has helped shape my children in positive, lifelong ways.

- Jody Burriss

President, Parent Advisory Group