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Awesome Projects
Awesome Projects

Fremont Open Plan was born out of the passion and dedication of parents who believed in the Open Education model for teaching and learning. It opened its doors in the Fall of 1976. Although the founders were visionaries, they could not have foreseen the success of this program and its significant, positive impact on the community over the past 34 years. With the economic challenges ahead and the tough educational decisions that need to be made, this program needs your help to survive and thrive. We are reaching out to you – the parents, teachers, students, alumni, community members, and anyone who cares deeply about education to help keep our program Open and strong for the next 30 years and beyond.

Parent Advisory Group РYour Parent Advisory Group contribution will be applied toward the many great educational events that take place during the school year at Fremont Open Plan.  These cost can include field trips, special projects, student transportation cost, classroom supplies and more. All donations and their use are being tracked and accounted for. Any funds not spent during the current school year will automatically be carried over to the following school year.



You can donate using any standard credit card by clicking on the “Donate” button above. Your credit card information is secure and safe and you DO NOT have to setup a PayPal account to make the donation. PayPal will automatically send you a receipt for your donation. Please keep this receipt for tax purposes. Please check with your tax professional in regard to your tax deduction questions.

Fremont Open Plan Parent Advisory Group