Updated: Oct 10, 2019

*Update: The due date has been extended to October 23!

Fall Fundraiser packets went out this week. If you’d like to smell any of the amazing natural candle scents from Mobaak Aromatherapy Shoppe, stop by Sarah’s room (Room 3). Orders and payment are due by Wednesday, October 16. When turning in your orders, please hand them directly to Allie Hinkley, or take them to Sarah’s classroom (Room 3), where there’s a collection tub. Please do not send orders to school with students. This process has worked well in the past to ensure that no orders go missing. Candles and frozen pies will be delivered after school on Wednesday, November 13, and must be picked up then. Text Allie Hinkley (209-495-4004) if you need additional forms or have questions. Thanks in advance to all that choose to participate.

FREMONT OPEN PLAN Parent Advisory Group

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