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Spring 2015 Mini Courses

Spring 2015 Mini Courses

FOP Mini Courses are coming. Be sure to turn in your child’s sign up form prior to April 2nd. The sign ups are on a first come, first serve basis, so get them in as soon as possible.

FOP Mini-Course Offerings 2015
All sessions will be offered twice, except where noted.

  • Anchors Away with Tricia – Raise the anchor, reel the sail, and come dance with me nautical wheelers. Get ready to craft your very own foam sail boat and join in a rain gutter regatta race with your FOP friends.
  • Beaded Bracelets and Necklaces with Karrie – Make your own beaded bracelets on wire and beaded necklaces on string.
  • Cake-Pop Decorating with Carrie – Do you love to decorate desserts or want to see how creative you can be? Come and have fun decorating cake pops!! We will have fun using different colors and flavors of frosting and various types of toppings to create the perfect cake pop to take home for your mom, dad, sibling, or yourself!
  • California Sushi Rolls with Brenna – Learn how easy it is the make your own sushi! You will be making either a vegetarian roll or an imitation cooked crab roll.
  • Crazy Color Obstacle Course with Jenna – Run this obstacle course. Must be okay to climb and get dirty with a color throw at the end.
  • Cupcake Decorating, Safari Style with Leslie – Decorate like a pro! In this mini-course, you will learn to decorate fun-themed cupcakes. Choose your own animal to decorate your cupcakes.
    Disc Golf with Mark – Come learn a great sport that combines the playing of Frisbee with the strategies of golf! 2ND THROUGH 6TH GRADES ONLY, PLEASE.
  • Encaustic Art Cards with Rhonda – We will melt crayons using a small iron and apply the wax to create unique designs that will be used to make special greeting cards.
  • Gabbie Goo Plushie Workshop with Tracy – An upper dept legend!! Make your own fuzzy Gabby Goo plush! We will use some simple hand sewing skills and learn a few stuffed toy making basics to create an adorable new friend for you to keep. Embellishments will be provided to customize your Goo. GRADES 4, 5, AND 6 ONLY, PLEASE.
  • Homemade Ice Cream with Sherry – Learn how to make homemade ice cream. You will help measure ingredients and then we will all take turns cranking the ice cream maker. Then you will get to eat a bowl of vanilla ice cream you will get to eat a bowl of vanilla ice cream when it’s finished. Ingredients will include milk and eggs.
  • Jumbo Marshmallow S’mores with Tanya – Make a super-delicious treat – one to eat and one to take home. GRADES K-3 ONLY, PLEASE.
  • Learn about Henna Tattoos with Ruhi – Learn where henna tattoos originated from and how to apply them. Apply basic designs with henna on paper and on your arm or hands. You will have a few designs to choose from only these designs will be allowed during this course. NOTE: HENNA RANGES FROM DARK BLACK TO LIGHT ORANGE AND WILL STAIN THE SKIN FOR UP TO TWO WEEKS. IF YOUR CHILD SIGNS UP FOR THIS, YOU ARE APPROVING THEM HAVING HENNA TATTOOS APPLIED TO THEIR HANDS AND ARMS ONLY. PLEASE INFORM CHILDREN THAT THEY WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TO CHOOSE A DESIGN THAT WILL BE OFFERED THE DAY OF MINI-COURSES. ONLY STUDENTS ASSIGNED TO THIS MINICOURSE WILL BE ALLOWED TO RECEIVE HENNA TATTOOS.
  • Lego Mindstorm Robotics with the Tallcotts – Students will build a Mindstorm Lego robot and learn the basics of moving the robot with programming. (Students will not be taking anything home.) GRADES 4-6 ONLY, PLEASE. NOTE: THIS IS A FULL-MORNING COURSE THAT WILL RUN FROM 9:30 TO 11:15.
  • Make your own Harry Potter Wand with Shannon – Didn’t get your acceptance letter to Hogwarts yet? Don’t worry! You can still swish and flick with your very own wand! We’ll be using chopsticks, hot glue, and paint to create these wizarding wands. 4TH THROUGH 6TH GRADE ONLY PLEASE.
  • Mini-Flower Bouquets with Mercedes – We are going to make a small flower bouquet with fresh flowers in a vase.
  • Mini-Kites with Josh – Make a mini-kite in a few simple steps. Have it in the air in just a few minutes. GRADES 3-6 ONLY, PLEASE.
  • Mosaic Tiling with Danita and Laura – Come make a mosaic picture with tiles. Bring a photo you would like to use or we will provide some to choose from. THERE WILL BE AN AFTERSCHOOL GROUTING SESSION TO COMPLETE THIS AMAZING PROJECT ON APRIL 24! GRADES 2-6 ONLY, PLEASE.
  • Ninja Warrior Training Course with Sam – If you are interested in training to be like an American Ninja Warrior, then this course is for you. Learn to be agile and centered!
  • Paper Flower Bouquets with Alexandra – Come and learn how to make cool flowers from decorative paper. They make great gifts or decorations! STUDENTS MUST BE ABLE TO HANDLE SCISSORS, PLEASE.
  • Rattlesnake Race with Dan – Get ready for racing with hoola hoops! Fun with friends as you create all kinds of super-snakes!
  • Super Salads in a Jar with Emily – Students will prep a salad and make a dressing to go with it. They then will pack it in to a mason jar to be able to take home or eat right then! Students will learn about the different veggies we are putting in the salad, learn basic and safe knife skills, follow a recipe, measure, use a peeler and a whisk, and identify ingredients. GRADES 3 THROUGH 6 ONLY.
  • Succulents with Becky – Plant succulents in upcycled pots – one to give and one to keep.
  • Tie-Dye T-Shirts with Meg – An FOP tradition!! Make your own tie-dye t-shirt. GRADES K-5 ONLY (6th graders will have a separate session another day)
  • Tissue Paper Fish Bowl Lanterns with Allie and Steph – Create a beautiful, colorful, and glowing lantern with tissue paper and glue. A perfect gift!
  • WireWrap Jewelry with Vivien – Learn how to make wire-wrapped tree of life pendants (and earrings if there’s time) 1st SESSION ONLY.
  • Yarn Wall Hanging with Sarah – Create a beautiful and original work of art with yarn and sticks. Decorate your room! Others will oooo and ahhhh!
  • Yoga with Allison – Stretch and strengthen those muscles in this kid-centered yoga class. KINDERGARTEN THROUGH 3RD GRADE ONLY PLEASE.


  • Poetry with the Modesto-Stanislaus Poetry Center – Come play with words and create beautiful poems. Take home a poem and wow your friends and family!
  • Rockin’ Rock Art with Ashley & Jamie – Come create rock art to take home and enjoy! For all ages! We will paint rocks and decoupage different sizes and ways! They will be sealed to withstand indoors or outdoors, but most of all, we will have a lot of fun!
  • Decorate Light Plates with Keile – Decorate those little plates around light switches. Take yours home to make your room even cooler.
  • Biological Family Tree with David – Check out some amazing biological samples and create a biological family tree.
  • How to Make Musubi with Alex – Make and try this taste of Hawaii, a snack made with rice, Kim (seaweed), and Spam.
  • Eating in the Awesome Outdoors with Ola – Do you want to hike, camp, and eat well while doing it? Learn how to prepare great food without the need for a stove or modern amenities. K-2 ONLY, PLEASE.
  • Make Your Own Toothpaste with Autumn – Learn how to make your own toothpaste starting with limestone. A cool technique learned at the Rock and Gem Show, and all food safe.
  • Treasured Treasure Boxes with Sarah – Decorate your own Treasured Treasure Boxes for your special possessions using usual and unusual new and recycled materials. Think mini-time capsule or transient tricket holder – whatever your imagination inspires in you! Students will use mint tins and multi-media to make an artful box for small treasures. GRADES K-3 ONLY PLEASE.
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