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Fremont Open Plan maintains a strong, interested parent community who have organized themselves into the Parent Advisory Group. PAG is primarily responsible for the school’s support system. The many programs, volunteers, materials, field trips and a host of other educational opportunities are directly and indirectly supported by PAG through its many active communities.

PAG meets once per┬ámonth at 6:00 pm in Fremont School’s library. All FOP parents are encouraged to attend. You can contact all of the committee members by emailing pag@fremontopenplan.com.

2017/18 PAG Executive Committee Members

Jody Burris



Sherry Calkins

Vice Chair


Marie Price



Nathan Singh



2017/18 Head Teachers

Jennifer Dill & Danita Thompson

PAG Meeting Agenda/Minutes

PAG Meeting Agendas/Minutes can now be found in our Calendar on the date post of the meeting.

Every Dollar donated to PAG helps to pay for field trips, classroom supplies, special projects and more. PAG dues can also be paid using the donation button below.Please provide students name if paying your PAG dues.

Please take a moment to make a generous donation!