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FOP’s Middle Department consists of our 2nd & 3rd Graders and they are divided between three homerooms. However, they rotate between all three teachers for various activities. Our Middle Department staff includes:

Laura McClenaghan, Middle Department Teacher
Laura McClenaghan

Laura McClenaghan, Teacher

Middle Dept. 2nd & 3rd grade teacher. Baseball enthusiast, mom of two. Laura loves to play piano and read. Laura is trained in the Barton Reading Program. This program help struggling readers hone their skills and gain confidence.


Vivien Kablanow, Middle Department Teacher
Vivien Kablanow

Vivien Kablanow, Teacher

Middle Dept. 2nd & 3rd grade teacher. Vivien began at Fremont Elementary as a Reading Specialist. Vivian loves animals and jewelry making. Her love for the arts translates into students developing a keen eye for color and design and learning many different artistic techniques all year long.

Danita Thomson, Middle Department Teacher
Danita Thomson

Danita Thomson, Teacher

Middle Dept. 2nd & 3rd grade teacher, mom to two FOP graduates. Danita enjoys participating with her son’s Eagle Scout Troop and cheering her daughter on at softball games. Danita’s unique experience of volunteering at FOP as a parent for years before becoming a teacher gives her a great insight into the values of parent volunteerism at FOP.