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Open Education

philosophiesEducators have a chance to identify placement needs and progress in the area of basic skills and to match child, methodology and materials on an individual basis. Children progress at their own rate of learning. There is a climate of caring with accent on nurturing relationships and mutuality of support between student and staff, student and student, parent and student, and parent and staff. There is flexible grouping of students ranging from one student to many, and again the objective is to meet many student needs in a variety of ways. Students are involved in selecting their own areas of learning and have a responsibility for their own progress.

Active parent participation is emphasized. Parents participate in the schools programs as both volunteers and resource people. Parents become partners with teaching staff to provide the best possible educational opportunities. Children have chances to develop social skills which reflect responsibility for their own actions in the world and an awareness that they belong to a wider community. An enrichment program for all children provides contact and experience with resource people and places. Hobbies, vocations, opportunities and interests are shared by many in order to give students contact and a vision of the world beyond the classroom walls.

Mission Statement

At Open Plan, we are committed to Open Education. This alternative approach to education emphasizes active parent involvement and acceptance that no two children are alike.

We pledge to:

  • Promote student responsibility for self, community and the world around us;
  • Provide opportunities that develop academic skills, interests and talent according to each student’s strengths and needs, and
  • Keep Open Plan an exciting place for children that supports who they are and encourages who they are becoming.

Open Plan Alternative Program

Fremont Open Plan is a public alternative program. “Open Education” is an alternative approach to education with more emphasis on student responsibility for self, active parent involvement, and acceptance that no two children are alike. Although FOP is guided by district policies, procedures, goals, and testing program, we have many aspects which are unique.