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FOP Fall Walk

2014 Fall Walk

fallwalkOne of FOP’s big days of the year is coming quickly: The FOP Fall Walk!

As usual, we want to see lots of parents’ faces out there that day, but even more importantly, is getting some volunteers to help prepare. It is a big project which can only succeed with lots of hands on deck to help plan and pull it off!

Some of our new families may be wondering what the Fall Walk is. The Fall Walk is an annual school-wide field trip. It is also our first “cross-age partner” field trip. Cross-age partners are formed over the first several weeks of school. An older student and a younger student (sometimes groups of three) are partnered together to work, learn and socialize together through many different on-site and off-site activities throughout the school year. This gives the older student a great opportunity to be a role model and leader, while the younger student gets help and support from an older student. The Fall Walk is a fun time for the partners to get to know each other better and begin to bond.

Every year, for the Fall Walk, we choose a park along a river to explore and immerse the students in nature. It is a great opportunity to bring learning out of the classroom and into the world around us. Each year has a focus of study in which we create activities for the students to do at the park to help internalize the concepts and have fun.

This year our focus is on Wilderness Survival. As usual, we need a lot of adult help for a wide variety of needs. If you or a family member can help, please return the Fall Walk Participation Form (pdf, 64Kb) to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. There is a lot of planning that goes into this special day and we have to plan around the help we have. The more help we have, them more fun and safety we can include.

If you would like information on how you can help prepare for this exciting day, please contact our coordinators this year, Liz McInnes or Don Messamer. You can also reach out to Levi Hanzel-Sello in Upper Department for info or questions.

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